june 2

June 1
radio on
heading to the library
because, after all,
I’m on vacation,
and have more time for reading.

As I drive my ears begin hearing
the classical piece playing,
I come to a stop light.

My breathing slows
and I’m listening
hearing gentle notes of piano
and the soft slide of a violin.

I reach for my pen
and notepaper,
urgent to record the name of this piece
and its composer.

The light turns green;
my ears that were so tuned in to music
can’t discern what the radio host is saying.
I travel on to the library and park,
pull my phone from my pocket
and search for what I want to know.

CBC radio2 playlist at 10:10 am
Speigel im Speigel by Arvo Part
I tap and type to look for more information:
Mirror in a Mirror

And I listen again.

So many little minutes in my day
but time melts away with this music,
I drift with infinity
sitting in my car
on the first day of June.



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