Daily Archives: 06/06/2016

june 6

Today was the day I decided to spend time reflecting on my last 6 months with my One Little Word. Ali Edwards, who has put together the prompts I am using in this process, has a long questionnaire for June’s reflection.  Having participated in this project for a few years now, these types of prompts are not my favorite.  I like the creative ones where I use photos, song lyrics or poetry.  A straight up list of questions is rather dry and daunting.

But – because I have done this a few times now – I’ve come to learn the value of this step.  For one thing, forcing myself to answer questions chosen by someone else leads me to new discoveries.  For example – “are there companion words cropping up this year,” “what is stopping you from fully embracing your word and your intentions for yourself?”

Since I always dip into the dictionary when I’m writing, I discovered a new word too. It is a practice I knew about, just not the word for it: kedge to move (a ship) by means of a line attached to a small anchor dropped at the distance and in the direction desired

I think my monthly play with my one little word is an exercise in kedging – putting a figurative anchor out in a direction I want to go and pulling myself toward it.