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IMG_6539Garden Conversation

The deer walked tentatively into the yard
looking up at each sound
as he grazed his way across the lawn.
He came to the edge of the garden
and dipped his mouth to the daisies
tipping their faces to his shoulders.
A door slid open;
a hesitant cough sounded.
The deer gazed intently for a few minutes
then turned and left the flower bed.

message – July 15

Message in a bottle for July 15th -“being a caring sibling”

I’m not much of a hiker
but I heard the view was worth the climb
so I headed out.
Midway to the top,
the trail was cut by the very stream
below the falls I was headed to see.

A shimmed log lay across the cut
and a crew was at work on the rope railings
but there was nothing in place
for me at this juncture in my hike.

I watched another hiker grit her teeth
and bravely walk across the log.
I knew that wasn’t going to work for me;
my imagination would get the best of me.
I sat straight down on the wet surface
and scooted across like a toddler.

The rest of the hike was not so bad after that
and when I returned to the log,
the railing was in place.
I was glad to be able to cross with some dignity this time
and to know it will be easier the next time
I pass this way.

message – July 14

Message in a bottle for July 14th – “living in the present”

the strawberries are delicious
and the cut on my tongue throbs with their acid sweetness
yet I take another one into my mouth

message – July 13

Message in a bottle for July 13th – “feeling my life counts”

I’ve been knitting a blue sweater for almost a year now.
It usually doesn’t take me more than a month to finish a sweater.
I can’t figure out why I am so slow with this one;
maybe it’s all the interruptions.

message – July 12

Message in a bottle for July 12th – “Ability to forgive”

I thought about this all yesterday and last night and went searching to find this poem I wrote  awhile ago about forgiveness; I think it still describes how I feel about myself and my ability to forgive:

it was inspired by this quote: “Forgiveness is giving up all hope for a better past.”  Lily Tomlin


At last I stop in the middle of the day
and in the dusty rut of a well traveled road
I  lay my self

The sun sets,
the moon and stars rise and show me my shadow.
Finally I am able to sleep,
and my dreams are all I remember
and all I want to know.

Glistening with dew I rise at dawn’s light.
Cupping my fingers in the moist, dense dirt
I fish the tiny seeds out of my pocket
and pat them gently into the earth at my feet.

message – July 11

Message in a bottle for July 11th – “Being a close family”

July 4, 2016
after a 5 year journey, the interplanetary probe, Juno,
finally entered Jupiter’s orbit
the scientists who had worked together for this venture
cheered and danced after a sleepless night
they celebrated their hard work, planning and vision
now another adventure begins:
to learn what lies behind and beneath
another piece of the heavens

stardust beckons stardust
and we go to the heavens
seeking to unite light
how lucky we are

message – July 10

Message in a bottle for July 10th – “Follow your bliss”

bliss = state of joy and contentment

pizza + my new favorite beer  + 2 episodes of Longmire =
bliss and too tired to write before bedtime

message – July 9

Message in a bottle for July 9th – “parenting with wisdom and love”

I logged on to think about and create a response to this message about parenting and what do I find in my reader box but a blog post by a young mom in England who is the parent of a spina bifida daughter -she has written all about the things she thought she would never do as a mom – some of which she has held to but much she hasn’t.  Circumstances and reality get in the way of what we imagine for ourselves and our children.

As a parent of grown children and a teacher of preschool children I am and have been witness to all kinds of children. Young parents often ask my advice. The best advice I’ve ever received came from my daughter’s toddler teacher  (28 years ago!):   whatever is your child’s most challenging trait will be a gift when they are grown up,

and my own addition to that advice is this:  the trait  you enjoy  most about them is the one you will need to nurture and keep alive in them as they grow up and succumb to the world.


message – July 8

Message in a bottle for July 8th – “inner wisdom”

Every year I host a cup of caterpillars in my classroom
for the month of April
and a tiny bit of May
until they finally finish their transformation
and we let them go
with great fanfare.

It never fails to amaze me
how entranced my students are
by the plight of those fat, feasting larva
and utterly beside themselves with joy
to see the butterflies they become
take flight.

And if the only thing they witness
and  come to believe is true
is that transformation happens
given time,
how beautiful is that.

message – July 7

Message in a bottle for July 7th – “having close friends”

Friendships have two sides – hers and mine – so here is my attempt at thinking about two of my friendships from two points of view.

Friend One

Too late I realize I’ve sent another late night text
asking about a walk or chat over coffee.
I think “late” is my secret middle name
because no matter what the time we set to meet,
I am never there on time.
She says it doesn’t matter,
and I believe her.
There is a timelessness to our friendship;
we’ve known each other for years,
and yet I don’t take our friendship for granted.
Always I am thankful to God for her presence in my life.

Friend Two

She is coming to my home for a visit.
There is never enough bounty in my cupboards
to demonstrate my gratitude for her friendship.
I clean my house fastidiously,
mostly to keep the chatter in my head
about not being enough
from mounting to a raucous din.
I plan and prepare meals,
hoping we will drink wine and chat
long into the night
for my heart longs to be full.

the other side

to Friend One

I block out whole afternoons for our get-togethers:
1) because I never know when she will actually show up and
2) because it is a gift to spend as much time as possible with this precious friend.
Our friendship grew slowly but steadily
and now she is one of my trusted few –
you know, the friends I count on one hand.
I don’t want to take her presence for granted,
and I’ve made it a priority to respond to those late night texts,
or send one of my own,
and always, always, make the time for us to meet.

to Friend Two

She shops and cooks and prepares food
and her table is blanketed with choices,
so many offerings.
The sheets on the guest bed have been dried in the sun,
there is the scent of lavender adrift in the room.
I don’t know how to calm the voices in her head
or communicate effectively
that all this abundance isn’t necessary;
being in her presence is more than enough
to fill my heart up to the brim.