Daily Archives: 07/03/2016

message – July 3

Message in a bottle for July 3 – “Have fun.”

mmm, how appropriate to choose this message when I’ve just returned from a vacation, my son is healing up from another health issue, and there are post-its and phone messages about little projects I’ve promised to attend to this summer. It is a good little check in with myself about whether I am having fun or not.

The best proof I can come up with to answer that indeed I am having fun is that my wakefulness at night is not filled with planning for or worrying about anything the way it is when I wake up at night during the school year.  Lately, I’ve been waking I waking up, lying in bed enjoying how it feels to be comfortable and just thinking – about anything I want to – not all of it jolly but just thoughtful reflection. And if I don’t quite get the sleep I need to at night, I take a nap the next day.

If that changes, it will be a good reminder to get back to having fun with summer.

July -messages from a bottle challenge

The challenge I’m giving myself this July is to identify messages I want to be hearing.  So using a packet of prompts for walking the labyrinth that I received last fall, I am reaching in with my non-dominant hand and pulling one out each day to respond to.  Maybe the message will be something I want to hear or maybe what I hear in my head in response to the prompt will be what I choose to listen to.  Either way, this will be my little game for July. 

And I’m a little late starting this month.