message – July 11

Message in a bottle for July 11th – “Being a close family”

July 4, 2016
after a 5 year journey, the interplanetary probe, Juno,
finally entered Jupiter’s orbit
the scientists who had worked together for this venture
cheered and danced after a sleepless night
they celebrated their hard work, planning and vision
now another adventure begins:
to learn what lies behind and beneath
another piece of the heavens

stardust beckons stardust
and we go to the heavens
seeking to unite light
how lucky we are


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2 responses to “message – July 11

  • franmccrackin

    First, I think this is a beautiful poem. And relating it to your “message in a bottle”, plus the last line, helped me find deeper meaning in it. I am relating it to myself as a parent and also to the life of a child I know who is in hospice, who is much in my thoughts. Thank you for this fine post- it means a lot to me to read it this morning!

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