Daily Archives: 07/13/2016

message – July 13

Message in a bottle for July 13th – “feeling my life counts”

I’ve been knitting a blue sweater for almost a year now.
It usually doesn’t take me more than a month to finish a sweater.
I can’t figure out why I am so slow with this one;
maybe it’s all the interruptions.

message – July 12

Message in a bottle for July 12th – “Ability to forgive”

I thought about this all yesterday and last night and went searching to find this poem I wrote  awhile ago about forgiveness; I think it still describes how I feel about myself and my ability to forgive:

it was inspired by this quote: “Forgiveness is giving up all hope for a better past.”  Lily Tomlin


At last I stop in the middle of the day
and in the dusty rut of a well traveled road
I  lay my self

The sun sets,
the moon and stars rise and show me my shadow.
Finally I am able to sleep,
and my dreams are all I remember
and all I want to know.

Glistening with dew I rise at dawn’s light.
Cupping my fingers in the moist, dense dirt
I fish the tiny seeds out of my pocket
and pat them gently into the earth at my feet.