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message – July 6

Message in a bottle for July 6 – “new training and learning”

yes I really did pull this statement  out of the bottle today

And so I’m wondering…… when/how does it begin – the place and time when “new training and learning” means something different than just learning something new?

If our lives and our work are one and the same because our value system provides a singular compass by which we navigate the world than I believe there is no “new” – it is just learning.

And of course, because it should always be happening; it is life, being made new all the time.

So the question for myself really is this:  how am I being made new?

Something to think about.

message – July 5

Message in a bottle for July 5th – “improve self esteem”

I see you:
glacier rock on the hillside.
You are a long way from the mountain that made you,
alone in this field,
a recognized traveler through time.
You are smooth from the tumbling,
a comfortable place to sit upon
and gaze beyond the valley floor.

message – July 4

Message in a bottle for July 4 – “Creating a home, nesting.”

The nectarine

I should’ve left this one in the bin.
The nectarine is soft,
and has ripened.
Now that it has been in my home for a day
I see more clearly the bruises left from coarse handling.

message – July 3

Message in a bottle for July 3 – “Have fun.”

mmm, how appropriate to choose this message when I’ve just returned from a vacation, my son is healing up from another health issue, and there are post-its and phone messages about little projects I’ve promised to attend to this summer. It is a good little check in with myself about whether I am having fun or not.

The best proof I can come up with to answer that indeed I am having fun is that my wakefulness at night is not filled with planning for or worrying about anything the way it is when I wake up at night during the school year.  Lately, I’ve been waking I waking up, lying in bed enjoying how it feels to be comfortable and just thinking – about anything I want to – not all of it jolly but just thoughtful reflection. And if I don’t quite get the sleep I need to at night, I take a nap the next day.

If that changes, it will be a good reminder to get back to having fun with summer.

July -messages from a bottle challenge

The challenge I’m giving myself this July is to identify messages I want to be hearing.  So using a packet of prompts for walking the labyrinth that I received last fall, I am reaching in with my non-dominant hand and pulling one out each day to respond to.  Maybe the message will be something I want to hear or maybe what I hear in my head in response to the prompt will be what I choose to listen to.  Either way, this will be my little game for July. 

And I’m a little late starting this month. 

Road Trip as Metaphor

One Road Trip As Metaphor
                                                            (for my life, so far..)1-IMG_5177

The first two days of our trip we just traveled through time and space:
eating and sleeping, stretching our  legs,
putting fuel in the car so we could keep going –
blissfully inattentive to all we passed along on the way..

kind of like my first 15 years on this planet…

Then we did our first bit of sight-seeing,
visiting a local museum.
We saw amazing displays of collected wisdom
and added more than a little something to our own banks of knowledge.
And then we drove on,
looking at a map every so often,
enjoying the scenery,
eager to reach our next stop
where we could bed down
in a place we’d call home for awhile.

The heart of our trip was spent at our “destination,”
traveling north and south and east and west,
seeing as much as possible,
accommodating each person’s interests and traveling style,
goals for each day in mind.
We maintained a tight schedule,
and were exhausted each night,
barely able to slap at pesky mosquitoes
when we turned off the lights to sleep.

30’s, 40’s, and counting….

Then the day came to head home traveling by a different road.
Eager to get back to familiar surroundings,
we were up with the sun,
glad to have only ourselves to pack into the car.
It was easy to put in a full day’s drive
and we arrived at the hotel before they were ready for us.
Our aging bodies crashed just after the evening news
and groaned when a party started up in the courtyard.
We have definitely become that older generation.
(But what a blessing to go on a trip
with no one whining in the back seat,
potty stops on the side of the road,
snacks packed for every hour of the ride.)

Our last day of driving was a piece of cake.

60! …what will the next road trip bring?