Daily Archives: 02/28/2017


imageI’ve been looking forward to this month long writing challenge almost as much as I’ve been worrying about it.  I don’t know how many years I’ve been participating, not all that many, but it has become an important practice for me. I think this year it is more important than ever because I haven’t been writing much at all.  I need this little kick-start to get the juices going again.

When I reflect on why writing has been hard this year the only reason making sense is that all my creative and thoughtful juices were being used up on my job.  Not only was I being tapped to think creatively about intervention with my at-risk preschoolers, but I was working hard to sustain belief in my ability to support them.  It was physically draining as well.  I started carrying my phone around to track my “steps.”  Most days I was averaging 7000 steps in 4 hours of contact time with the kids.

But two weeks ago I found a new job and although the guilt about leaving mid-year was awful and a week of snow days prevented a graceful transition, I am finding myself on fertile ground again.  I’m doing on-line training, shadowing my new colleagues to learn this early intervention work and I have a later start in the mornings.  So…..I’m trying to write.

It is a slow thing.  But I’m doing it.  I’ll see myself here tomorrow.



My One Little Word for this year is “reveal.” I chose it because I wanted to pay attention but in a different way than the words “notice” or “focus” or “attend;” I wanted to be open with an awareness that notices both the subtle and the outstanding, with reflection and integrity essential to my being.

Little did I know in January that by mid February I would be in a new job.  Maybe that is the power of holding a word alive.  Maybe it is the power of walking with all those words before this one: notice, delight, pilgrim, weave, mindful, rubato.