imageHello March! (prompt from Think, Write, Thursday)

I’m looking forward to your visit this year – mostly because of the extra daylight you will bring each day.  I know you will most likely do your “lion” thing but I invite you to do less with snow and rain and more with crazy breezes and playing with sunlight in the clouds.

I am already anticipating my weekends with you as friends have invited me to visit and go out for lunch.  I think my sister is hoping I’ll do some more house hunting for her which is so much fun.  I look forward to this month in the future when she and her husband are here.  We will enjoy time with my parents together.

This year, my March week days will be filled with huge unknowns as I’m in a new job and have no idea what my Mondays through Fridays will to be like.  This is a long month so lots of days for learning.

Finally, March, you are bringing in the season of Lent – always a time of reflection for me.  I’m not sure I was ready yesterday when it was Ash Wednesday but I’ll figure it out and I know you will be with me every day to give me time to think.




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