I didn’t stay home today but I did wear red, to show solidarity with  A Day Without Women movement.

Early in my married and parenting life, if I had gone on strike today, there is a lot that would not have happened in our household. Now my husband and I share quite a bit of the household responsibilities and I am the primary bread winner.

I’m wondering what kind of strike would impact our lives the most.  If all the media outlets shut down we might have a really different kind of day. It might be quite delightful!

How about we start slow:  a Day Without Twitter?image



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5 responses to “3/8/17

  • VanessaVaile

    So did I ~ no work to walk off from, no local marches so I wore red, did my digital advocacy thing.

    we could rotate days giving up things we’ve gotten too attached to or dependent on. ‘

  • GirlGriot

    I was half and half today — the morning for a strike event, the afternoon at work. And I wore something reddish, but not quite red. I’m so contrary. A day without Twitter would be hard … but easier than a day without Facebook!

  • fireflytrails

    Lots of good thoughts here. This is my favorite: “If all the media outlets shut down we might have a really different kind of day.” Oh, yes!

  • Juliann

    This would be lovely. Or perhaps a day when the media would report only on the good things and good people.

  • Maureen

    Yes, I, too, spent the day teaching – couldn’t imagine women being gone from our school without inconveniencing a whole lot of other women (and men and children). Several schools/school systems in our area closed for the day.

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