There is a small town just north of where I live with a set of numbered streets running perpendicular to its Main Street – like so many towns of similar age and history.  And like other towns, there is no 13th street. I noticed this when I was a teenage driver going out to the fairgrounds in the summer.  The street was labeled “B.C. Avenue.”  I assumed it stood for “Before Christ” because the town was settled by the Dutch and is known for being quite conservative.

Now I’m not so sure.  I recently drove out to visit a family living on British Columbia Avenue – the street between 12th and 14th Avenues.  I’ve tried to find out if it has always had that designation or not but Google has failed me – or it has always had that name.   It is a nice way to recognize our near-by Canadian neighbors who, (at least currently,) are not trying to build a wall between our countries. image



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6 responses to “3/13/17

  • MAK

    It is ironic that in my town 13th street starts at a Teahouse send to us from our sister city and ends at a housing development that includes almost entirely immigrants. That’s worth thinking about.

  • sodamountainsandy

    13 does get a bad rap—not in my book. My dad’s birthday was 0/13/1013. My family has always loved the number 13

  • GirlGriot

    We have 13th Streets, a few of them! Certainly in Manhattan and in Brooklyn. And there could be be a Street and an Avenue in Queens, for all I know. And a 13th floor in my office building, too. I’ve always thought skipping the 13 in buildings was silly. Doesn’t everyone on the 14th floor know where they really are? 🙂

  • Tasha Roa (@TashaRoa)

    Hmmm, I’m going to check this out. Thanks for the provocation.

  • Maureen

    I think it is funny that you thought “Before Christ”…and it turns out to be British Columbia.

    • wakeupandwrite

      When I was growing up the street sign just said B.C. and my cultural lens and, admittedly my bias, made an assumption. I actually do think it was changed to become British Columbia Ave but I don’t really know at this point. It does tell me something about myself for sure.

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