It started last fall when I heard about a “Catio tour” in Portland, Oregon.  I looked it up online and shared the photos with my cat-loving husband.  He had just presented me with a new kitty for our 35th wedding anniversary and I knew he would love this idea for our adventurous 5-year-old male cat and it would be a way to honor the request from the Humane Society that we keep our new kitten an indoor cat.

Mike loved the idea and his designing brain got busy figuring out how we could do this on our condo patio.  This is what we’ve got so far.1-IMG_0139

He is busy stapling carpet to poles and creating mazes with cardboard boxes.  Last week, Mike was down at Home Depot buying supplies and one of the floor helpers asked him what he was building.  When Mike answered the guy said,  “Oh, what good daddy you are!”

Yup, that’s who I married, an awesome kitty-daddy.


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