Math autobiography – an idea shared by Teri

0 – the age my grandma says she was aiming for because she thought we should be born old and grow younger with time; I’m still growing towards 0

10 -supposedly a “magic” age because usually everyone can name something special that happened that year; I moved from Alexandria, Va to Bellingham, Wa one month after my 10th birthday and have pretty much remained in the Pacific Northwest since then

25 – I married my husband of 35 years when I was this age and working about 3 jobs

32 – my second and last child was born making us the family we are today

44 – I left teaching in the co-op preschool setting and moved into teaching preschool in the public school setting where I worked for 16 + years and loved it.  While I was there, my children left the nest and my husband lost his job and started taking care of our nest.

60 – I got a new job working in early intervention and am still in the process of learning.  My son has moved back into our home, my daughter has moved across country and my husband is a doting cat-daddy.

4 – the age I would want to be in forever time

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One response to “3/25/17

  • fireflytrails

    Goodness, this gives me a lot to think about. I enjoyed reading about your number/age connections. And I am racking my brain to think about my 10 year old self and what I remember from that year.

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