Daily Archives: 03/30/2017


Conversation was easy with one of my new colleagues as we drove to visit the family of a toddler we are serving.  Upon hearing she had moved into the area a year or so ago I asked what brought her here.  It turns out she is the daughter of someone whose family I knew in high school and her family has wanted to return and be in this area for some time now.

This area is a great place to live – and my family has been slowly dribbling back since graduating from college many moons ago as well.  In fact, tomorrow I head out to look at another house with my sister’s realtor; I’ve been looking at real estate and visiting open houses for the past couple of months now as she and her husband are looking to move up in a year or so.

I shared this with my colleague and we both felt lucky not to be house hunting at this time – the market is busy.  It is fun for me because I’m not the buyer!  The sun is going to be out tomorrow and I am sure the home will look bright and cheery.  I’ll have to put on my imaginary November lenses to see it from a real Pacific Northwest point of view.