Daily Archives: 04/05/2017

Point Roberts

IMG_7941A friend and I took a trip to Point Roberts for 2 days.  It was fun to look up the history as we traveled there to find out why this 4.884 square mile parcel is part of the US rather than Canada and who has lived there over time.   And, like other parts of the US, the border between our two countries is marked by a ditch rather than a wall.


these are backyards on a border ditch

It is a beachy place.  There are parks at each of the 4 corners and abodes of all types – trailers, yurts, cabins, coastal homes and large spreads.  We stayed in a unique little L-shaped cabin constructed carefully to preserve a cedar tree growing in the elbow of the place.  The stove top worked but not the oven so I’m glad we didn’t bring anything we needed to bake.

IMG_8116The weather allowed us a wonderful morning on the beach.  It rained all night and the tree tops were moving above us with the wind.  I want to go back in the summer but I’ll bet the population is tripled then.