Slice of Life 3-1-2020

I almost forgot to sign up for the Slice of Life writing challenge this year.  When I realized I was late to the party I debated signing up at all; I thought about just doing the challenge on my own without being a formal participant. But I wholeheartedly support the effort of others taking part so I’m throwing my hat in the ring!

Day 1 – a Sunday.  I’ve cleaned out my refrigerator and finished knitting a pair of baby booties.  The cleaning job should have been done months ago.  My husband is feeling the urgency to stock our pantry because of Covid 19 so I decided to take advantage of his eagerness to categorize our food stocks and get a handle on what is in the refrigerator at the same time we were adding to the pantry.

Knitting booties for clients is a hopeful thing and preferable to planning for the Corona virus.

slice of life

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