SOL 3-20-2020

“Today was one of the best days ever.”

I’m amazed at myself for sitting down to write tonight and having that thought be the first thing that popped into my head.

Why was it so great? Why this day at the end of a week that has been topsy turvy and believable and unbelievable all at the same time turning all of reality inside out and sideways.


Perspective is everything.

  1. I had my first Zoom meeting with a client at 10 in the morning.  After a little nervous connecting I gave her the spiel about how this Zoom practice was going to be different from our usual in-person home visits and verified that she was consenting to it. And then we had a lovely chat about her new job (medical intake – of course they are hiring….) and how she stocked up on all sorts of gadgets and sensory play items for her almost 3 year old son before the quarantine and was enjoying playing with him on the kitchen floor in tubs. (She learned quickly that kinetic sand on the carpet is not a good thing.) We ended our meeting with a date for the next one and I rolled into my second Zoom of the day.
  2.  My second Zoom of the day was agency related and included people I hadn’t seen for 2 weeks.  It was so wonderful to see people’s faces and to hear from them directly how they are doing and what they are thinking about and trying to do right now. The balancing act some of these moms are doing with young children and partners and pets all at home while trying to tele-practice is commendable but unnerving them. The ones who live alone are lonely.  We breathe.  And we breathe again.
  3.  I found an amazing article by Harvard Business Review about supporting “(Newly) Remote Workers.”  It was exactly what our leadership team needed to read and attend to right now so I forwarded it to them all.
  4.  Lunch with my kitty in my lap
  5.  My third Zoom of the day was with my office admin who usually shares my office with me and I’ve really missed her smiling face and being able to look across the room and really “see” how she is doing.  She’s 25 and this stuff is really freaking her out so it was fantastic to touch base with each other, show each other the new shoes and accessories that we’re wondering why we bought because we’re both sitting in comfy sweats on our beds. She tells me about the Zoom yoga class she found and an on-line game to do with friends that sounds fun to try.  I gave her some things to do that will be helpful for all her teammates – hoping mostly to help her get grounded again.
  6.  It was gorgeous again today and my husband and I took a walk around the harbor – “COVID-ing” – our term for how we are doing differently what we have often done before but it’s not the same.

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