SOL 3-21-2020

I had so much energy today I felt like a balloon filled up with air and let go to fly around the room!

I was motivated to get back into my story collages.  I attended a retreat in Soul Collage a year ago and have found the method a meaningful way to respond to events happening in my life. This collage is about “social distancing” and the reflection prompt to use from the Soul Collage practice is: “I am the one who…..”

I am the one who...

Here are my reflections: (I am the one who….)

  • feels disconnected from my loved ones
  • is challenged to even imagine when we might be together again
  • worries about children’s education being impacted by this pandemic
  • feels fear about the unknown
  • knows this event will permeate every bit of my life and my loved ones forever

On a lighter note – I pumped up my bike tires and took a ride!

Coviding 3-21-2020



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