SOL 3-24-2020

Tonight I dug out some of the marbled paper I made last summer with a bunch of co-workers.  It was fun to remember the gathering; we had a potluck picnic, engaged in the painting and hung out on a lovely July evening.

I was cleaning up my desk this week in anticipation of needing a space to dedicate to work rather than crafting when I found the colorful paper neatly stacked and waiting for some project that I don’t even remember.   Maybe I was going to Zentangle on it. I almost threw it all away but decided to stash it in one of my fancy paper boxes.

Today I led our first Zoom team meeting.  My screen was filled with 12 amazing women who have stepped up, and into the wild, blue of this “hunkering” down business. It warmed my heart to hear them share their trials, their discoveries, their ideas for what to try next.

So I pulled out that swirly painted paper and cut it into pieces to decorate some plain cards.  Tomorrow I’ll look for the perfect poem and a few words of gratefulness and send them off to these lovely ladies.


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