SOL 3-26-2020

This evening we had a family Zoom for the first time with my two sisters and my mom; my brother didn’t make it this time.  I haven’t seen my sister from Minnesota in over a year.  She was planning on coming out in two weeks but of course, had to cancel.

I was worried that my mom wouldn’t be able to hear us and would have trouble figuring out which one of us was speaking but she did just fine and contributed to the conversation as well. She even got my dad to pop his face in briefly.

We are going to make this a weekly thing.  We had a lot of things to share today; my Minnesota sister is a physical therapist – deemed “essential” and her husband is a computer programmer – also “essential.” She spoke to the fact that her work place was supposed to cut down on people working and because she’s in a position of authority, she tried to balance those with kids and mortgages and husbands out of work, etc. Her husband goes to work and is stationed on one floor and the other people there are on totally different floors.

My other sister recently retired. She and her husband knew their life would slow down but not this much!  She’s been attending to horse tails taking over the lawn of the home they recently moved into.  I might join her this weekend in her plucking this invasive species – 6 feet away of course!

I hope my brother can be with us next week.  He is the only one of us with kids still in school and I know he’s been struggling with keeping them engaged; one is thriving with online education and the younger one who is dyslexic is struggling.

I am sorry my sister had to cancel her trip but I think these weekly Zooms will actually bring us more together than seeing each other once a year, face to face.

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