SOL 3-29-2020

I created this blog in 2011 and posted entries fairly regularly; my first monthly challenge with Two Writing Teachers was March of 2012. Then a few years ago I created some other blogs for anonymity and just to collect thoughts.  But this blog is my baby, my favorite one to post on.

I wasn’t sure I was going to be a part of the March Slice of Life this year; I hadn’t been writing on any of my blogs for over a year and wasn’t sure how committed I felt to writing on a daily basis.  I’ve been writing in a journal, but not using my blogs for writing for a long time.

Of course the COVID crisis has created a new filter on everything in my life, daily writing included. It is not that I feel compelled to “record” at this time; I’ve never felt the need to be a memoir writer.  But I  feel called to put words on paper the way other feel compelled to cook.  They go to the pantry and select ingredients for a savory meal, and I sit with a keyboard and select thoughts to string together.

I think I’m ready to engage with my blog again.  I’ll still keep up my written journal – something I wasn’t doing when I started blogging.  But I do love this medium for putting my thoughts, photos, and art together.



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3 responses to “SOL 3-29-2020

  • fireflytrails

    This is such good news! Your words have heart, and power, and they have always spoken loudly and deeply to me. I’ll be listening!

  • luckygurl

    Happy to “hear” your voice! (I haven’t published on my blog in awhile, either… though I’ve many creations in various levels of completion stored on my computer!)

  • Gretchen Staebler

    I think future generations will welcome our personal record of what life was like for us who lived it. Just as I devour the letters my family wrote during WWII. We are living in interesting times. Keep writing down the story! I’m enjoying your SOL, my friend. Stay safe. Gretchen

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