SOL 3-31-2020

So many words for this month, this March in this particular year.

I don’t remember if it came in like a lion.  Is it going out like a lamb – I have hardly paid attention to the weather.  If I was to describe this month in a seasonal way I would say it came in like a dancing pony and is leaving – or rather – slinking away like a slug.

Madness – yes this March was full of madness.  The truly crazy Alice in Wonderland kind where I seem to have drunk from the little bottle and fallen down a hole; the Cheshire Cat was my computer screen and I felt like the rabbit, not quite sure what time it was and where I was supposed to be.

Long.  March and August are always the longest months of the year for me but of course September bites August’s tale off so it seems shorter than it is.  March has nothing to supersede it.  It just goes on and on and on until April appears like a random emoji after a long and serious sentence.

This week will just be another part of March to me.  Next week I’ll be on break but it won’t seem like it.  I have a few clients that I’ll meet with because I hate to halt this Zoom process we just got started.  I won’t worry about how I stack the work during my days though.  And I will just try not to work my brain, just go outside – a lot – and just wander around.  Emoji emoji emoji

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