Daily Archives: 03/06/2021


I was supposed to be in Iona, Scotland today.

I signed up a year and a half ago to go on a retreat with a group of women and this was to be the week that we were there. I thought long and hard about signing up for this trip in the first place because I only knew a couple of the women going and it has been 35 years since I’ve traveled. I love being in new places but I really don’t like the getting there – airports, cities, arranging for ground transportation and hotels.

But I took a leap of faith, put my deposit down and committed to going. It helped that my family encouraged me and was excited for me.

Luckily we have been able to reschedule and will go a year from now. During this year we have gathered on Zoom a few times to check in about whether we were still committed to the trip, to connect in a strange pandemic world, to look ahead and vision about the trip we will be taking in the future. We come together in this tenuous way; what was to be a journey of 18 months will be 30 by the time we leave Scotland. I don’t know any of these women well but their collective experiences are familiar: deaths, births, unexpected surgeries, cancelled family gatherings, finding the quietness of life at home to provoke unexpected learning.

This retreat will be completely different because of the months, the years that will precede it. It will be an opportunity I could never have imagined.