Daily Archives: 03/07/2021


My sister invited me to go to Agate Pond Preserve today. She and her husband have been visiting there over the past few days to look for birds and they asked if I’d like to join them. They go to add to their bird count for the year; I go to see new places in the county and take photos. Sia and Gary had been told the owner of land adjacent to the preserve was friendly to birders and didn’t mind people visiting her homestead but had never found her on-site. This morning she was there.

Trisha introduced herself (and her dog, Joya,) telling us about buying 40 acres in 1988 and slowly adding acreage over time so that she now owns 100 acres. The city has bought 100 adjacent acres to preserve the watershed so she told us we were free to roam her land and anything beyond her boundaries. She has a lovely homestead and we poked around in the woods for a couple of hours.

My sister and her husband listen for birds and keep count the species they see over the course of the year. They track their progress on E-bird and get tips for where to go. I love to join them on the weekends because I just want to get outside with my camera and sometimes I drive – which they really appreciate.

The trail this morning was in a dense forest and I wasn’t sure I’d find much to photograph. But as we headed back to the original homestead I found some fun things to photograph. Putting my camera into “P” added the sepia-tone to the photos and made everything just look wistfully past-tense. I’m looking forward to another trip there in the future.