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3-8-21 International Woman’s Day

Grandmas I know

To the grandmother, who is now a great grandmother,
knitting 2 sweaters at the same time for 6 year old twins –
and yes, they want hoods, thank you very much.

To the grandmother who said yes
when CPS asked if she could care for a newborn
while the mother, her daughter, went to treatment,
who created a routine and home for a grandchild
and now lovingly, and anxiously, is supporting the transition of this 2 year old
back to his mama.

To the grandmother, who keeps her phone close
because she can’t be at the bedside
to welcome her new grandson, due to COVID-19.

To the grandmothers who are “home base”
for children in virtual classrooms,
learning again about diagraphs, and the new math
or whatever it is called right now.

To the women who love a grandmother,
seek to know a distant grandmother,
have grandmother hearts,
are grand.