Daily Archives: 03/09/2021


a phone call from Texas – wanting to check on the credentials of a recent staff member who has moved back home and is starting a new job
so I am inspired to text that recently departed colleague and wish her well on her journey

I notice the date on the calendar and text to a friend who has a birthday coming up and is spending time on leave with her dying mom – hey there, how are you doing?

a Facebook entry from an old colleague about the death of her mother-in-law prompts me to send a quick condolence

These 3 small communications are symbolic of how I am able to stay in touch with people in ways I could never have imagined when I was younger or even thought I would want to. Staying connected back then took diligence: Sunday phone calls to my mom, letters typed to my grandmother, scheduled meetings for coffee or walks, intentional conversations at church or when I picked the kids up from school, cards dutifully sent in the mail.

I love the ease of today: have a thought, text a message, do something fun, post a photo, not sure how to reach out, send an emoji or gif or just simple words. I can be impulsive and spontaneous in a way that leaps quickly beyond my lack of self confidence and indulges my sincere desire to be vulnerable and open to sharing sentiments with those I care about deeply.