a phone call from Texas – wanting to check on the credentials of a recent staff member who has moved back home and is starting a new job
so I am inspired to text that recently departed colleague and wish her well on her journey

I notice the date on the calendar and text to a friend who has a birthday coming up and is spending time on leave with her dying mom – hey there, how are you doing?

a Facebook entry from an old colleague about the death of her mother-in-law prompts me to send a quick condolence

These 3 small communications are symbolic of how I am able to stay in touch with people in ways I could never have imagined when I was younger or even thought I would want to. Staying connected back then took diligence: Sunday phone calls to my mom, letters typed to my grandmother, scheduled meetings for coffee or walks, intentional conversations at church or when I picked the kids up from school, cards dutifully sent in the mail.

I love the ease of today: have a thought, text a message, do something fun, post a photo, not sure how to reach out, send an emoji or gif or just simple words. I can be impulsive and spontaneous in a way that leaps quickly beyond my lack of self confidence and indulges my sincere desire to be vulnerable and open to sharing sentiments with those I care about deeply.

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One response to “3-9-21

  • carlambrown

    I read this post several times as I endeavored to internalize it. I saw myself in several lines and several ways. Especially with emojis when at a loss for words. Thank you so much for the reminder that we have amazing avenues at our disposal to simply communicate how much we care, and with the ease at which it is now available, few obstacles to prevent us from “click and send.”

    Grateful for this reminder.

    ~Carla Michelle

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