Daily Archives: 03/13/2021


Three letters today – all so different and yet absolute treasures.

  1. a postcard from a friend of mine
    She’s the one who got me started in the global postcard exchange this year and now for fun, we send each other postcards even though we can call each other on the phone and see each other once a month. The postcard is one she made from some favorite artist-designed paper so lovely to look at.
  2. a letter written in fountain pen from my new penpal in England
    This gal is a young teacher and so it is interesting to hear how things are happening “across the pond” and she always tucks a handmade art print into the envelope.
  3. a letter from my cousin
    My mom’s sister died recently and this letter is from her middle son. He lives on the other side of the country and we have not seen each other for 50 years but when his mom died, he was the one to reach out to my mom personally. The envelope in the mail today was so surprising and the contents precious. He said he’d found some of my mom’s letters to her dad among things he was cleaning out and so he sent them on to me. There is one that was written 2 weeks before I was born as well as one written when my mom was 13 years old which is hilarious.

Facebook can’t hold a candle to these letters.