Daily Archives: 03/14/2021


I spent yesterday at several nature preserves in the neighboring county and decided to see if I could find out more about their history, how was it the land had been set aside?

One piece of land had been the vision of a school teacher in Seattle who owned land with her siblings along an estuary and knew it would be destroyed if it became an industrial water way. Her neighbors chipped in their land and now it is owned by the Department of Ecology.

I found out the site I visited the other day was a vision of a pair of local doctors who also put together parcels of land to create a preserve of a watershed.

I am the beneficiary of these visionaries. We all are.

My poetry prompt for tomorrow was to listen to Amanda Gorman reading her poem Earthrise and write a response. I think I will write something to celebrate the acres I walked on Saturday and those who gifted them.