Daily Archives: 03/15/2021


(see last night’s entry for prompt)

Earth Rise

The unforgettable image
of a lone blue marble
rising above the horizon,
was a message of hope
to preserve the earth and its glory,
land and

I celebrate the gifts
of one acre
at a time,
set aside to preserve streams and
the land that is their watershed,
people with vision have pursued acquisitions,
one farm, one shoreline, one homestead
at a time,
for all

Ponds and farms,
forests and ravines,
from the bay to the foothills
of the snow-capped mountain on the horizon,
land to be held in trust
for future generations,
a legacy
for all.

I am blessed
by the dreams
and the toil of those
who came before me, who trusted
that people like me could become guardians of the earth.
I am grateful beyond words to
to wander the orchards of forsaken homesteads,
and gaze from the vistas of wide pastures
or recovered forest land.

I am a steward of Earth’s Rise.