Daily Archives: 03/17/2021


I am part of a leadership group in our agency and I attend 3 meetings a week with various colleagues. I have a regular “house” meeting with the early interventionists on the team that I am a co-leader for. In the before-times, our weekly meetings were in the “living room” part of the home where our offices are, and we were usually sitting on the floor eating lunch on Tuesday afternoons. Now we meet over Zoom, and while many of us begin the meeting with bowls and plates in front of us, the connection part of our meeting has become about more than just checking out what people are having for lunch.

The prompt for getting people talking and opening up about where their head and hearts are each week is something my co-facilitator and I talk about and plan carefully for. I am really proud of the prompts we came up for this week because we our team has some new members that have recently been hired and we also had our Cultural Navigator joining us for only the second time. So the question was about how we’ve experienced transitions in our lives, moving to new places, joining new groups or communities, and what we’ve learned from these experiences. Taking it a bit deeper, the prompt also asked us to consider how these experiences help relate to the families and children we work with.

It was a rich sharing on Tuesday. We heard from colleagues who moved here from Germany, Ireland, Puerto Rico and China – all at different ages and stages of their lives. We heard from people who chose to make moves, were forced to make moves, embraced change or resisted it. We talked about how just shifting how we worked – from in-home visits to virtual was a big move. And then people spoke to what it made them think about as they developed relationships with families and learned more about the types of transitions or adjustments caregivers have been making or anticipate in the future.

Today I had another meeting. The prompt this time was more spontaneous – but also insightful: find something in your surroundings that says something about how you are feeling right now. The offerings today included a picture of a sunflower, a pencil sharpener, a rubber band, some puzzle pieces, a family photograph.