What will it be like in the next few months?

The transition is happening, slowly.

I sometimes see colleagues in the office these days – mostly because I’m so tired of sitting at my dining room table. I check the “in house calendar” to make sure there won’t be too many of us sitting at our desks at one time and head into the office just for a change of scenery and the spontaneous conversation that might happen with someone there. I also choose to work at my daughter’s place one day a week – because zoom makes it possible – and so I can see her rather than just chat on the phone.

Many colleagues are still working from home and only coming in to the office after hours or on the weekends to use the copy machine or fax things. But there is a trickle.

I hardly remember what it used to be like before when everyday at work was busy with people thumping up and down the stairs in between visits to families and to do some quick copying and faxing of paperwork and lunches were eaten sitting on the floor with our phones tucked behind us. My days were spent away from home so my evenings were about catching up with my husband and son because I’d been away all day and wondered what they had been up to – right now I am very aware of all that is happening.

It isn’t just the being in-person that is going to change when we go back to the office, it’s going be a time shift – what we do with each hour of the day is going to be so different. I’ll have to get used to travel time, and maybe leaving my computer at the office again instead of toting it back and forth. I’ll have to pack a lunch, remember to buy gas, decide whether to go back to showering in the morning instead of the evening.

It’s sort of like the way we adjust to daylight savings time. We’ll have to adjust to Covid-less re-connecting time.

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2 responses to “3-22-21

  • Pia Alliende

    Welcome to the new COVID stage. I have going to work since September but it was very quiet. It’s still kind of quiet. We are in hybrid mode. It’s different, and you need to get accustom to wearing a mask for 8 hours straight, wash your hands constantly until your knuckles crack, wipe desks like crazy, and remembering to drink water before getting a headache. The reward? Seeing the students and realizing how much they need to be in person every single day. I will celebrate the day when that happens in my school.

  • franmcveigh

    Yes, it will be different. Love this … “It’s sort of like the way we adjust to daylight savings time. We’ll have to adjust to Covid-less re-connecting time.”

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