Daily Archives: 03/29/2021


I posted a few weeks ago (March 13) about my cousin sending me a packet of letters my mom had written to her dad. In two of them, she had drawn little stick figures of herself to illustrate what she was writing about. The letter she wrote when she was 13 and on a trip with her mom had a stick figure of herself going “bump” into bed because it was bedtime, according to the note she wrote her dad. The letter written just before I was born had a stick figure of herself expecting a baby, a “heshe.”

My niece was in town when I received these letters and we both told my mom how stick figures were always a part of her letter writing. She did not remember this little trait. Knowing that she had whole albums in her basement containing the letters she posted to her mom, one a week from the time she went away to college to the time her mom died in 1985, I told mom she should check them out sometime.

Today the cleaning lady came so my mom went down to the basement and pulled out the album from the first 3 years of her married life. Sure enough, she said, lots of stick figures.