Daily Archives: 03/30/2021



I was face to face and in the home of a child today!!

I was only going to deliver some paperwork to the family for them to sign but the grandma invited me in and I couldn’t refuse!! The dogs climbed all over me, the child hid behind the kitchen counter – for just a bit – and I sat – I SAT! – in a chair in the living room.

The child came out from behind the counter and brought over his Spiderman figure to show me and the littlest dog climbed behind me in the chair and I talked with grandma and made big eyes at the little guy with his toys.

And it was delightful and even though I had a mask on and my glasses were steaming up and half way through the visit I realized grandma didn’t have a mask on, I just went with it.

She’s had one half her vaccine, I’ve had two halves of mine, the child doesn’t know what’s going on, the dogs just want to cuddle – this is what it’s going to be like for awhile.

I’m glad that I’m fine with this half in and half out stuff.
I’ll wash my hands and change my clothes and try hard not to transfer anything.
I’m so happy to see a little face and the 3 dimensional body of a toddler!

I’m dying to do more than make big eyes with this little guy. I’m dying to spend more than 15 minutes in a living room with the door open. I’m dying to do what I used to do and to do it without thinking about masks, and gel and transfer.