Slice of Life March 2

I’m having trouble connecting my slice to Two Writing Teachers so I think this slice will just have to be my own experience. Although I follow other slicers and some follow me, it will be a different kind of experience this year – more intimate, as they say…..and I won’t be doing the commenting on other slicer’s writing like I usually try to do.

I arrived in Scotland yesterday. The ”before” part of this trip is that I signed up to go on a women’s retreat to Iona, Scotland in August of 2019. Two women that I know were organizing the trip and the goal was to gather 18-20 women and go on a retreat to Iona in March 2021. The women would be coming from different places but we were hoping to connect a bit before we all left on this adventure.

Then Covid came, and the lockdown, and zoom times took over the before-times and the organizers of the retreat suggested we wait a year – not abandon the trip but just put it off a year. So that happened. Some people dropped out of the trip – for all kinds of reasons but some of them for health concerns. New people who had been on a waiting list joined up.

We zoomed a bit over the course of the year. My original roommate was one who had to quit for health reasons and so I was assigned a new roommate, Jean. I was happy because I like her, but we both wondered if the trip would really happen.

Jean and I met together when Starbucks opened up after being locked down and sketched out some ideas for a little trip before the week in Iona. I felt so lucky to have been assigned a traveler who was interested in the same things I was and easy going about planning together. By last summer we both felt like the trip was going to become a reality and we began identifying hotels and flight days. We booked flights in November and then Omicron hit.

But I think by then we knew this retreat was going to go forward and we were just going to have to stay healthy, get boosted and tested and plan for a bit of craziness. We lucked out because the UK dropped the need for test before you fly. But finding a way to test before we returned to the US became a nightmare weekend of Googling and talking to other travelers.

We had a final zoom with the other women going on the trip on February 12th and I don’t think I really started to get excited until then. Now I’m here and the night long and day long travel bits to go from Seattle to Glasgow were not fun and I was exhausted but I felt proud that I made it.

Today was our first day totally in Glasgow and it was great. But now that I’ve caught myself up on writing the beginning of this journey, I need to go to bed. I’ll have to do more writing to catch up about today. But I’ll do that tomorrow.

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5 responses to “Slice of Life March 2

  • Sia

    Pretty sure it was originally planned for March 2020. The last two years have blended together.

    • Ameliasb

      nope – planned for 2021 – signed up 18 months ahead of the fly date – and then in the fall of 2020, we were able to request a year’s postponement to March 2022.

  • Barbara Mathers-Schmidt

    I’m so happy and excited for Jean and you to be sharing this adventure. The Iona experiences with this wonderful group will be a rare once-in-a lifetime treasure. How fortunate you all are to be there—dealing with today’s travel challenges and now looking forward to wonder and awe and retreat.
    I’m eager to see your upcoming posts!
    Sending love and hugs.

  • Margie

    Did I know you were doing this?? How exciting!! Goose bumps!!!!
    Are you with Jean S??
    Have so so so much fun.

  • Maureen Young Ingram

    I went to Edinburgh a few years back, with my husband, to visit our son (on a junior year abroad)…I am very excited that you are on a women’s retreat!!! I can’t really explain why this excites me so. It just sounds wonderful and I wish you well. I need to look up where Iona is located….be well!

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