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IMG_6539Garden Conversation

The deer walked tentatively into the yard
looking up at each sound
as he grazed his way across the lawn.
He came to the edge of the garden
and dipped his mouth to the daisies
tipping their faces to his shoulders.
A door slid open;
a hesitant cough sounded.
The deer gazed intently for a few minutes
then turned and left the flower bed.

eye wonder as eye wander

imageSometimes I get really lost in editing photos in Picasa.  I love to open each photo and notice where my eyes go, then try to crop and high light what was most eye catching.  I often take pictures because I’m attracted to the texture I see in front of me but when I get the pictures onto the computer other whole worlds open up.

Last weekend I wandered around my friend’s wet and cold and newly green Seattle garden.  I found old and new growth that captured my interest.  Tonight, when I loaded the pictures up and began my little eye tour, I found a secret garden, only visible when I look, and look again, and look once more.

I saw a vibrant and colorful garden and a delicately contrasting black and white garden.

5-deannas mar 20165-deannas mar 20161

people ask me why I take so many pictures of leaves


It is easy for me to look at a leaf
and wonder at the tenderness of its skin,
the delicate texture of its veins,
to be charmed by a youthful shoot,
nibbled edge or shy furl,
and amazed by the power to remain visible
despite weathering and decay.

I look at humans
and wonder all of the same.
But a leaf allows me to touch, turn over in my palm,
move aside for a better view, or place just so
and snap a picture
in order to preserve all I want to remember
embodied in one precious leaf.

dust bunnies

she was supposed to be gone hours ago

early this morning she telephoned to ask if we’d take care of her cat –
she was headed south to be with her dad who was coming out of hospital

her sister would be joining her to do some research into “facilitities”

“too soon,” says dad

this was the conversation we had midday on the stairs
she was taking her trash out, purple cleaning gloves on her hands

she was supposed to be gone hours ago

but now in late afternoon I hear vacuuming upstairs, every single room

cleaning dust bunnies from every nook and cranny is easier than difficult conversations


Thinking about stance – more than just posture, but surely a way of being.image


one walk to remember November



November is light and color: reflecting, piercing through, glowing on tree tops, casting shadows.



November is dramatic skies – blue or dark slate – either way, they look amazing behind butterscotch tinted tree tops.


November is frost and a little sheen of ice on puddles.


November is the river flooding and receding.


November is afternoon sunlight that seems to burn in a spiral through the bare-limbed trees, finding you no matter where you are.


November is the moon appearing to chase the sun from the sky.


November is quiet, stillness in twilight, cold.

Idaho Lullaby

Follow me
over there
where a red ball is falling
through a seamless sky
towards land and lake

Walk with me
where shadows sweep the dust of day
across a widening pool of moonlight

Lie down in the coolness
beside me
beneath tall pines whispering
the darkness absolute

i am not a foodie

The prompt is about food and my stomach sinks.

They say there are people who live to eat and those who eat to live.  While I am not totally in one category or the other I definitely sit closer to the right side of that sentence. I think a little bit about where food comes from and a little bit about how it tastes, but mostly I just want to put it in my belly so I’m not hungry and can move on to doing the stuff I enjoy more.

The Pacific Northwest is an area where people are always talking about food.  There is a big farm to table movement here and we have access to fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, and dairy. There are almost as many markets as churches.  But it is expensive too, and somethings I see just seem nutty: a whole store dedicated to olive oils, islands in the market dedicated to fancy cheeses, salsas, olives and other condiments, bakeries as prevalent as latte stands.

I have friends who love to cook and whose entertaining I have thoroughly enjoyed but I just wonder about whether it could all happen with a little less of “the perfect.”   But I am really not a great judge of taste – because mine isn’t especially developed.   I grew up with a casserole queen and sometimes carry on the tradition grandly – just substituting rice for the noodles.

So when asked to take pictures of food as a creative prompt, I struggle to find a suitable something to capture.  I love the texture of the containers, dishes, silverware and napkins that accompany everything I eat so maybe I’ll take a picture of those, and if some of the food gets in the photo, so be it.


one wheel ran by faith, the other ran by the grace of God…

Ezekiel saw two wheels a-rollin’,
way in the middle of the air.
A wheel within a wheel a-rollin’,
way in the middle of the air.
One wheel ran by faith,
the other ran by the grace of God.
A wheel within a wheel a-rollin’,
way in the middle of the air

This song came to me as I sat down to write tonight. Do you know this feeling?
spinning on the tip of my finger
solid humming weight holding fast
even as it seems so precariously wild with motion
I am a gyroscope
in motion and spinning on some string
held taut by faith and grace11454297503_e27946e4ff_h


the prompt from Write Alm is “prelude”

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hand so it has come to this
we sit side by side on the sofa in the evenings to play games
we smile as the cat goes from lap to lap
you make the better pancakes,
I make tastier scrambled eggs
if I cook, you clean
and vice versa
we are becoming our parents
more and more with time