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Day 5

Facebook photo challenge

The challenge is for seven days, to post a nature-themed photo and each day nominate a new person. I was nominated by: GasMcGil – otherwise known as my sister and her hubby.
I fell behind in my duties to nominate someone new every day so I’m going to try to catch up with the tagging aspect of this challenge.

I did tag Meril Davenport and she is playing faithfully!  So 2nd tag: my sister, Katie Trent and her husband, Barry Trent because I haven’t seen enough of your travel photos.
3rd tag: sister-in-law Carolyn Wildman – I don’t see enough of your home space and travels either.
4th tag: Deanna Carter – because your doctor told you to go outside everyday.
And today, I tag Janet Ott because she’s always looking – and seeing – beauty in this world. Check the link you guys to find out the rules and come play.

My Backyard Beauty for today: (from Swanson’s nursery just down the block from my Seattle friend)


Day 4

Facebook photo challenge – Three more days to go.  Apparently the challenge doesn’t have to be over consecutive days, but hey, I’m on a roll.  March 1st I start my daily writing challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers so this photo challenge is getting me warmed up. (Check out the Daily Slice challenge by TWT – it is fun and supportive to be a part of.)

Backyard Beauty – from a ditch in Couer D’Alene


Day 3

Facebook photo challenge – although I guess I’m not really doing the challenge correctly because I’m not tagging a new person to join the challenge each time I post.  Tag is exhausting – if you want to come play, just do it!!

Anyway – Backyard Beauty 3 – taken in LaConner, Wa on my birthday last November:




Day 2

Photo challenge day 2

Backyard Beauty – pic from a snow day walk from my actual back yard – an empty lot


OK – I’m in…

Nature challenge, day 1. The idea is to flood Facebook with the beauty of nature, starting the new year with positive images.
The challenge is for seven days, to post a nature-themed photo and each day nominate a new person. I was nominated by: GasMcGil – otherwise known as my sister and her hubby.
Today, I nominate Meril Davenport, to take the challenge. I am sure you will share interesting nature shots.

Copy and paste the comment above (change the day), post a nature shot each day for seven days (non consecutive, if you wish) and nominate someone new each day to do the same. Enjoy!

Here is my first Backyard Beauty – taken from the back door of the school where I work in Everson, Wa.  I love the dramatic sky I often see there, and if the clouds aren’t low, you can see mountain peaks across the border in Canada.



one walk to remember November



November is light and color: reflecting, piercing through, glowing on tree tops, casting shadows.



November is dramatic skies – blue or dark slate – either way, they look amazing behind butterscotch tinted tree tops.


November is frost and a little sheen of ice on puddles.


November is the river flooding and receding.


November is afternoon sunlight that seems to burn in a spiral through the bare-limbed trees, finding you no matter where you are.


November is the moon appearing to chase the sun from the sky.


November is quiet, stillness in twilight, cold.

I went out for ten minutes…

I took a ten minute walk with my camera. I didn’t drive to any place special or walk beyond the end of my block.  I just went a little ways away from home and then turned off onto a path into the woods.  I’ve been there before but not often.  The last time was in  winter.

I downloaded my pictures and noticed my walk was less than 15 minutes. Here are a few of my noticings and a poem:

10 min four      10 min two    10 min ten  IMG_0696  IMG_0675

I am always noticing leaves.

On my walks I wonder at these tender bits of greenery,
seeing each leaf distinctly from the whole bush or tree or grassy clump,
so much life before my eyes.

One by one I stop to look them over:
this one on a stalk, facing the sun,
prominent veins delicately outlined by light and shadow,
another has thorns just below its innocently upturned face,
still other leaves have fallen to the path
soon to be decimated by footfalls,
or to slowly disappear with time.

They are so populous and there are so many of the same kind
and yet I love to appreciate each one as it is in its place of appearance.
These leaves remind me of humanity – so abundant,
populating the ends of the earth,
but each person so unique
and in the world for just a fragment of time.

take 5 minutes

IMG_9283  IMG_9284  IMG_9292  kiss

kalaloch arun

five days on the west coast of Washington, no wifi, no internet, and absolutely amazing weather for June….
I was inspired to try the “arun” poetry form created by Girl Griot (5 lines growing from 1 syllable to 5) kind-of have to know that before you try to read it…..and it grew beyond 15 lines….

these were the images that inspired the poem:









cliff trail
to windblown
beach where driftwood
stacked like carcass bones
steps to stones
worn and warm smooth
they cascade on to
crossed by
rippling gently
to the seas churning edge
crescents of
foam sweep the tide
across sloping beach
waves flood
the base of
ancient rock stacks
sentinels facing
to mist rolling in
the sea
purly green
waves curl and churn
daylight fades to dusk


where are you in this winter landscape?

Every time I tried to write over break, my mind felt like mush.  (I know some of my writer’s block was due to reading Mary Szybist’s poetry in her collection, Incarnadine.  Whoa, I play with words in my cul-de-sac; she travels to a galaxy and back!)

I decided to go for a photo-walk for inspiration.  I drove out to a favorite park of mine, a homestead from the late 19th century.  Of course everything was closed up for the winter and the park was empty except for a few walkers, 3 hens and a funny looking rooster.

I traipsed around the property for an hour or so and finally words came — and a question: What is this visual landscape telling you about your inner landscape? So come for a walk with me, and see how the metaphors play out.

IMG_7490  IMG_7518  IMG_7385  IMG_7487  IMG_7485  IMG_7481  IMG_7451  IMG_7441         IMG_7502   IMG_7431  IMG_7410  IMG_7389  IMG_7456  IMG_7445  IMG_7509  At the end of my walk, the sun broke over the fields in one last blast of glory.  “See,” it seemed to say, “you have words.  Now write them.”IMG_7514