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Abundance “C”

With an abundance of caution
we headed for the coast,
loading our car
with COVID essentials:
masks and sanitizer,
and a well stocked cooler.
No kitchen required
on this escape from quarantine.
We crossed county lines
at least 13 times
accompanied by campers
loaded with kayaks,
Dodge Caravans with kids,
bicycles and canines.
We arrived at the sea
and unplugged and unplanned,
finding a way
to be cautiously carefree
in a pandemic crisis.

what is in my hold


I put in my hands
what my hands can hold
and then grip tight
and hold with might.

I put in my mind
what my mind can hold
and let my sleep
tend to the deep.

But I put in my heart
more than it can hold
knowing time and grace
will create more space.





Road Trip as Metaphor

One Road Trip As Metaphor
                                                            (for my life, so far..)1-IMG_5177

The first two days of our trip we just traveled through time and space:
eating and sleeping, stretching our  legs,
putting fuel in the car so we could keep going –
blissfully inattentive to all we passed along on the way..

kind of like my first 15 years on this planet…

Then we did our first bit of sight-seeing,
visiting a local museum.
We saw amazing displays of collected wisdom
and added more than a little something to our own banks of knowledge.
And then we drove on,
looking at a map every so often,
enjoying the scenery,
eager to reach our next stop
where we could bed down
in a place we’d call home for awhile.

The heart of our trip was spent at our “destination,”
traveling north and south and east and west,
seeing as much as possible,
accommodating each person’s interests and traveling style,
goals for each day in mind.
We maintained a tight schedule,
and were exhausted each night,
barely able to slap at pesky mosquitoes
when we turned off the lights to sleep.

30’s, 40’s, and counting….

Then the day came to head home traveling by a different road.
Eager to get back to familiar surroundings,
we were up with the sun,
glad to have only ourselves to pack into the car.
It was easy to put in a full day’s drive
and we arrived at the hotel before they were ready for us.
Our aging bodies crashed just after the evening news
and groaned when a party started up in the courtyard.
We have definitely become that older generation.
(But what a blessing to go on a trip
with no one whining in the back seat,
potty stops on the side of the road,
snacks packed for every hour of the ride.)

Our last day of driving was a piece of cake.

60! …what will the next road trip bring?   

june 18

another found scrap of poem

she left
a change in the wind
found her
shedding all that rooted her
to ground
she left

5/29 May-be

One of my yearly summer past times is to visit the nooks and crannies in my home and clean.  I find scraps of poems everywhere. Here are today’s findings:

My only visits to the garden lately
have been at midnight.

Only the roses, with their butter-soft faces,
appear in the light of the moon.

I don’t walk to the apple grove anymore;
too many to pick, my children are gone.
I grieve the loss of daybreak baking.

mmm, trying to remember the inspiration – dust bunnies don’t talk…..

5/14 May-be

Nostalgia blooms abundantly
in those places where we’ve gardened
the most.

Heirloom beauties, new fancies,
our tried-and-trues,
those memories bound with hardy roots
nurture growth from tender shoots.

For me it is my summer plot
that produces a bumper crop.

5/13 May-be

i put the poem aside
to simmer for the night
but to no avail.

perhaps the wrong cut
of words.

5/4 May-be


Most people set out on a pathway to get to a designated destination:
a viewpoint, the beach, mountain top, parking lot.

I’ve been on walks like that.
I’ve looked at a map, read the trip advisories,thought about possible side trips.

But once in a while,
I’ve set out on an unknown path,
without a map, without expectations for vistas or stops along the way,
without knowing where I might end up or
thinking about how I’ll get back home.

It is one thing to do this on a physical path somewhere –
in my neighborhood, county, world.
It is quite another experience to do this in life.
And what do I think about that?

It seems I’m most aware of my journey through life
when I’ve checked the maps, taken advice, looked at destinations,
considered round trip or homeward bound possibilities.

But I have had rare and wonderful occasions
to just step out into the world and walk.
I think it takes a special kind of trust, faith, grace,
to just walk like that in the world

I know I love how that kind of walking feels.

I’ve learned that when I’m on that kind of walk,
my heart has a map,
and if I open my eyes wide,
there are companions by my side.

(a picture from just such a journey)



yesterday dawned dark and rainy
it was not a good day for a sunrise service
but worship inside with trumpets and tulips was wonderful

yesterday afternoon was not a good one for a walk
the sky spit rain unpredictably and it was chilly
but it was a good day to do taxes

yesterday evening’s light lingered long
plenty of time for reading a new book
and enjoying a roast from the slow cooker

yesterday was exactly what I neededimage


Yes, the big one

Oh no! image
Broken toe!
how it happened?
I don’t know,
a frenzied moment moving here to there
did I hit a table or a chair?
Foot up,
ice too.
Wrapping it tight
for the night.
Question now,
work? How?
Limp and sit,
that’s what I’ll do,
surely I can make it through.
But children, really, I beg you please,
only bumps above the knees!