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yesterday dawned dark and rainy
it was not a good day for a sunrise service
but worship inside with trumpets and tulips was wonderful

yesterday afternoon was not a good one for a walk
the sky spit rain unpredictably and it was chilly
but it was a good day to do taxes

yesterday evening’s light lingered long
plenty of time for reading a new book
and enjoying a roast from the slow cooker

yesterday was exactly what I neededimage


Yes, the big one

Oh no! image
Broken toe!
how it happened?
I don’t know,
a frenzied moment moving here to there
did I hit a table or a chair?
Foot up,
ice too.
Wrapping it tight
for the night.
Question now,
work? How?
Limp and sit,
that’s what I’ll do,
surely I can make it through.
But children, really, I beg you please,
only bumps above the knees!


people ask me why I take so many pictures of leaves


It is easy for me to look at a leaf
and wonder at the tenderness of its skin,
the delicate texture of its veins,
to be charmed by a youthful shoot,
nibbled edge or shy furl,
and amazed by the power to remain visible
despite weathering and decay.

I look at humans
and wonder all of the same.
But a leaf allows me to touch, turn over in my palm,
move aside for a better view, or place just so
and snap a picture
in order to preserve all I want to remember
embodied in one precious leaf.

french press

every morning I put my water on to boil and do some stretching exercises

……..sometimes I put less water in the kettle

I pour the water over the grinds
and go to stretch again

Some mornings I am back at the counter too soon
and have to wait.
Other mornings my mind drifts,
the cat purrs against my outstretched arms and legs.

Either way,
it’s 5 minutes for the perfect cup of coffee.

I can’t really tell you
which kind of stretching makes the perfect day.

have you seen her?

Preoccupied at the parking meter
calculating how many quarters I would need for 45 minutes of time,
I was distracted by a low purr from the street.

I glanced over and my heart did a little dance.

Black helmet,
white hip length jacket,
knee high boots,
red lace skirt.

My inner 20 year old, the one I haven’t heard from in awhile –
(since I took up a sensible rain coat, coin purse for parking meters,
and bag for library books,)

purred too.

If I was twenty-something now,
I’d want to be That Girl.

(have you seen your inner twenty-something recently?)

proclaiming myself


She described herself as sturdy in the radio interview.

I’d like to claim that word for myself;
I am sturdy.

Sturdy is a sapling,
the kitchen stool,
the coiled clay pot my daughter made in grade school.

I am rooted but bendy,
able to support children and grown men,
a handy container for steel wool,
or single earrings, tea bags,
favorite finds.

Happy Birthday (a few days late)

Dear Alyssa,IMG_3180

I looked for your star on the 4th of July;
it was there right above me
as I lay on the deck watching fireworks.
I made wishes for your family just like I did 2 years ago.

You would’ve enjoyed your shared birthday party this year.
Your cousins scarfed down pizzas and beer,
clowned around on the picnic tables
and took a lot of selfie pictures.

On the way home we stopped at Grandpa’s gravesite.
I’ve been to two cemeteries in two days,
on opposite sides of the state.
At one time, your grandmother thought she’d be buried next to him.
Now she talks about being here with you.
Her time is coming, and it will be the right time.
But that wasn’t the case with you,
and we grieve.

So I’m standing here wishing you Happy Birthday.
The wreath from your mom and dad is beautiful.
I like to come when the sun is going down
and the shadows are long.

The light shining through the flower petals
takes my breath away,
so much beauty, so much love,
we miss you in the world.

I’m headed to see your family now,
I’ll give them extra long hugs today.

Your auntie.