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Think, Write, Thursday – on Saturday

The prompt is to describe a tree house hideaway,  but for me, my special spot was a closet.

When we moved into the house where I did  most of my growing up, my bedroom had a closet about 5 feet square.  The first thing I did when that room became mine was make the closet a special hiding place.  With my clothes hung above, I made the floor underneath cozy with pillows and blankets and my stuffed animals.  I didn’t spend a lot of time in there, but just knowing I could made it special.


One branch of blossoms

dips low to the water’s edge

and deer come nibbling.


Printing with daffodils



Exploring with a camera lens in hand is a creative outlet for me.  With my camera cupped in my hand I look around more and bend over to see what is on the ground or to view the world from a different angle.  Because I am seeking to see, I usually come upon unexpected finds.


On my last walk on a beach in February, I stuck close to the driftwood at the top tideline stooping to look through holes and root balls, between logs and into protected cavities. I was intrigued by focusing my lens in and around holes. Little altars of carefully placed rocks on the surface of logs caught my fancy as did the collections of stones, shells and other debris in old knot holes. Two unusual findings were a root ball wrapped around a great stone and a dead blue heron.


Coming home and playing with the photos on my computer is the next step in my creative process.  I am always surprised by the art I can create.







I didn’t stay home today but I did wear red, to show solidarity with  A Day Without Women movement.

Early in my married and parenting life, if I had gone on strike today, there is a lot that would not have happened in our household. Now my husband and I share quite a bit of the household responsibilities and I am the primary bread winner.

I’m wondering what kind of strike would impact our lives the most.  If all the media outlets shut down we might have a really different kind of day. It might be quite delightful!

How about we start slow:  a Day Without Twitter?image




imageGood bye to my old desk

I remember choosing the desk at my old job site – it was a sturdy and heavy typical “teacher’s desk.” And since I’d never really had a desk at a work site before, it was a special moment to choose it and to bring it to life in my classroom and work.  A month ago, I had to start cleaning it out, readying it for a new occupant.  Here is my little poem, ode to my desk and letter to the teacher who replaced me:

To the brave occupant of my new desk:

I bequeath the common necessities of a teacher –
the pens, pencils, post-its, paperclips
white-out, dry erase pens, stick pins, magnets, stapler and tape.

You will also find in these drawers a collection of unexpected items
especially necessary to the early childhood teacher –

band aids, star stickers, hair brush, little girl’s hair clips, matchbox car, timer,
change for the pop machine and thank you cards for parents.

I left a few folders full of useful things –
like extra nametags, photos,
an inventory of classroom supplies and recent purchases.

but I’m taking the rock.

It is amber and red and I can’t remember where or when I found it
but it’s been here ever since and I think it will be necessary
in a drawer of my new desk.




imageHello March! (prompt from Think, Write, Thursday)

I’m looking forward to your visit this year – mostly because of the extra daylight you will bring each day.  I know you will most likely do your “lion” thing but I invite you to do less with snow and rain and more with crazy breezes and playing with sunlight in the clouds.

I am already anticipating my weekends with you as friends have invited me to visit and go out for lunch.  I think my sister is hoping I’ll do some more house hunting for her which is so much fun.  I look forward to this month in the future when she and her husband are here.  We will enjoy time with my parents together.

This year, my March week days will be filled with huge unknowns as I’m in a new job and have no idea what my Mondays through Fridays will to be like.  This is a long month so lots of days for learning.

Finally, March, you are bringing in the season of Lent – always a time of reflection for me.  I’m not sure I was ready yesterday when it was Ash Wednesday but I’ll figure it out and I know you will be with me every day to give me time to think.