One Little Word

In December 2010 I stumbled upon the practice of “one little word.”
Some people I know choose a word that describes a value they want to invite into their life.
Some people choose something they want to celebrate and do more of.

Ali Edwards hosts a blog and supports a journal/scrapbook project as a way to be creative and thoughtful about your word.  I joined the project for the year 2011 with the word “notice.”
I found I was paying attention to new things in my life and was reflecting on my “noticings” with writing and photography and it seemed like the project would be a good way to record the experience – beyond my blogs.

My one little word for 2012 was “delight.”  This time the choice was because I want to invite more of it into my life or perhaps just make sure I’m noticing delight around me.

And here we are in 2013 – my word is “pilgrim.”

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