Delight – OLW 2012


Slack tongue, loose laces, eyelets frayed and torn,
fabric faded, ripped in toe, rubber scuffed and worn.
My sneakers beckon to me
Come be a child again!
If I’d only put those sneakers on,
I might forget the age I’m in.

The painting of these yellow sneakers was part of a calendar I had a long time ago and I loved it so I tucked it away, saving it for something.  Well now it has become the first page of my OLW notebook for this year and inspired this poem. 

4 responses to “Delight – OLW 2012

  • Alan Wright

    What a great first entry to have in your notebook. Keeping the picture certainly paid off. I often cut words, phrases and pictures from magazines in the hope they will spark more words, so I identify strongly with your actions. Writers are collectors and optimists. Your poem is proof that it pays off.

  • Tam

    Wow, wonderful you saved and found the calendar. What other pictures remain–more poems to come? I’m aching to find the inspiration today and still looking. Your post reminds to look more simply with appreciation for the small things–thanks for slowing me down.

  • Linda Baie

    I love the picture and your poem. The rhythm is just great with a bit of rhyme to wrap it up. You’ve inspired me to look through my pile of saved scraps to see what I might use!

  • Mandy Chock

    This reminds me of Gary Soto’s “Ode to Pablo’s Tennis Shoes.” Thanks for sharing!

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