Point Roberts

IMG_7941A friend and I took a trip to Point Roberts for 2 days.  It was fun to look up the history as we traveled there to find out why this 4.884 square mile parcel is part of the US rather than Canada and who has lived there over time.   And, like other parts of the US, the border between our two countries is marked by a ditch rather than a wall.


these are backyards on a border ditch

It is a beachy place.  There are parks at each of the 4 corners and abodes of all types – trailers, yurts, cabins, coastal homes and large spreads.  We stayed in a unique little L-shaped cabin constructed carefully to preserve a cedar tree growing in the elbow of the place.  The stove top worked but not the oven so I’m glad we didn’t bring anything we needed to bake.

IMG_8116The weather allowed us a wonderful morning on the beach.  It rained all night and the tree tops were moving above us with the wind.  I want to go back in the summer but I’ll bet the population is tripled then.


It’s time

bike 2017


I forgot another friend’s birthday – again.  It isn’t that I don’t care about showering attention on my friends – I do and I do.  But I forget birthdays.

Since I remember my own, I’ve been known to give friends a birthday card on my birthday – just to cover my bases and let them know I really do care to honor their birthday – I just can’t remember to do it on The Day.

It’s not my birthday, won’t be for another 6 months but just because I keep forgetting – ‘



Conversation was easy with one of my new colleagues as we drove to visit the family of a toddler we are serving.  Upon hearing she had moved into the area a year or so ago I asked what brought her here.  It turns out she is the daughter of someone whose family I knew in high school and her family has wanted to return and be in this area for some time now.

This area is a great place to live – and my family has been slowly dribbling back since graduating from college many moons ago as well.  In fact, tomorrow I head out to look at another house with my sister’s realtor; I’ve been looking at real estate and visiting open houses for the past couple of months now as she and her husband are looking to move up in a year or so.

I shared this with my colleague and we both felt lucky not to be house hunting at this time – the market is busy.  It is fun for me because I’m not the buyer!  The sun is going to be out tomorrow and I am sure the home will look bright and cheery.  I’ll have to put on my imaginary November lenses to see it from a real Pacific Northwest point of view.


At the end of last month, I had to escape the office.  Everyone was frantically writing to meet a deadline and I didn’t have enough training to be of help to anyone.  I finally just left and said I was sure I would make the time up later.

This week was my first end-of-month deadline experience.  Because of what I witnessed a month ago, I was determined to pace the work as much as I could so I wasn’t one of those people with headphones and a face of fury working early in the morning and straight through lunch to get it all done.

I had a lot of support proofing my documents over and over and over again before I submitted them to the state but I made it by the deadline today and didn’t even feel rushed.  It was sunny when I left and next week everyone is going on vacation so I’m sure the next few days will be bliss.


The wine tastes good tonight.  Settling onto the back of my tongue, I taste the intricacy of its flavor as it warms there before I swallow.

Would that I could take each moment of my day like a sip of wine, swirl and enjoy the nuance of each second before swirling it delectably into the belly of time.


imageThis weekend has been full.  Full of family get-togethers, full of communication with family members, full of conversation with friends.

I’m filled up.  I’ve eaten good food, heard good news and worrisome news, had provocative discussions and read and listened to thoughtful dialogue.

The best part of this weekend has been that I haven’t felt a need to rest and shore up for the week ahead.  I’ve relaxed and enjoyed myself, stayed up a little later and had a few beers but today, Sunday, I haven’t felt next week tapping on my window.  I’ve been able to let the weekend be a real end to my week instead of what often feels like the beginning – the “I think I can part” of heading up hill.