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june 19

first books of summer:

The Monsters of Templeton
The Bird Skinner
People of the Book
Britt-Marie was Here

next up:

Into the Magic Shop
The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend

April shorts – 30

I finished a book today that had me pondering my growing up and the way I have defined myself over time.

Did I define myself by what I wasn’t? Comparing myself to my siblings, friends, my parents? Do I do the same thing now?

When I experiment with sentences that begin with “I am not..,” I feel confined by a sense of deficit or loss.

But when I use “I am” statements, I definitely sense more possibility born out of being a starting place rather than an ending.

The hard part is that it is easy for me to jump to the  I-am-nots faster than the I-ams.

Try it out – what statements come to mind for you?

The book is The Weird Sisters, by Eleanor Brown


clutter my life with these

I haven’t read the books but I have heard plenty about what is all the rage right now – the imageKonmari method of organizing.  In the end it is still tidying up, paring down, decluttering.

I think part of the reason people are so drawn to these messages is because there is so much in our lives we have no power to discard, dismiss or distance ourselves from.

If I could gather before my senses only that which sparks joy, my days would be filled with nature, music, art, poetry, hopeful people and knitting.

summer reads so far

Summer is my time to read.  I’m the kind of person who falls down rabbit holes when I read.  Like – gone. Whether the bottle says “drink me” or not, the potion has been consumed and I have become whatever I need to be to enter Wonderland.  The present day world as I know it is far away and I am not able to come back to it very easily.

So I only really read when I can disappear.  Summer is that time.  I used to read a book every two days.  I’m not quite there this year but this is what I’ve got dog eared or returned to the library or the cloud so far:

H is for Hawk
Tiny Beautiful Things
The Thirteenth Disciple
All the Light We Cannot See
A Man Called Ove

I’m glad trips to Wonderland don’t require frequent-flyer miles.

words I am savoring

I have been reading Molly Peacock’s book about the first collage artist titled The Paper Garden.  Besides being a fascinating biography and memoir, Ms. Peacock includes her own perspectives on topics that are true gems for reflection.  Here is one I am currently savoring:

“Great technique means that you have to abandon perfectionism.  Perfectionism either stops you cold or slows you down too much.  Yet, paradoxically, it’s proficiency that allows a person to make any art at all; you must have technical skill to accomplish anything, but you also must have passion, which, in an odd way, is technique forgotten. The joy of technique is the bulging bag of tricks it gives you to solve you dilemmas.  Craft gives you the tools for reparation.  And teachers give you craft, for a good teacher urges you beyond your childish perfectionism.  From there you proceed into the practice that eventually becomes expertise. “

What does it make you think about?