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I used to shy away from taking pictures of people I don’t know, especially other people’s children.  But lately I’ve noticed that when I play with a little voyeurism, I capture little moments that make me smile.  Such was a recent outing to Semiahmoo spit on Easter.


Lost Boys

imageLast year the stories of my preschool class often revolved around one particular boy – I called him my Pirate – because he and I were often on a gang plank together, holding safe space for each other in that precipice between the ship, (our classroom) and a vast ocean, (the world out there.)

This year, my pirate’s little brother is in my class.  In fact, I have a lot of little brothers in my class and the Wendy in me is realizing this ship is occupied by Lost Boys this year; boys who need a captain, a Peter or a Wendy, but mostly, a mom.  One thing they don’t need is Never Never Land.

Of course I sometimes wish there was a Crocodile loose on this ship, might help me tame the natives.  It is enough to have his ticking clock constantly at my side. I have about 500 hours to be with these Boys and help them learn to stay in their prams. Going for a walk in a pram is way better than getting lost and finding yourself in a place with no future.

message – July 9

Message in a bottle for July 9th – “parenting with wisdom and love”

I logged on to think about and create a response to this message about parenting and what do I find in my reader box but a blog post by a young mom in England who is the parent of a spina bifida daughter -she has written all about the things she thought she would never do as a mom – some of which she has held to but much she hasn’t.  Circumstances and reality get in the way of what we imagine for ourselves and our children.

As a parent of grown children and a teacher of preschool children I am and have been witness to all kinds of children. Young parents often ask my advice. The best advice I’ve ever received came from my daughter’s toddler teacher  (28 years ago!):   whatever is your child’s most challenging trait will be a gift when they are grown up,

and my own addition to that advice is this:  the trait  you enjoy  most about them is the one you will need to nurture and keep alive in them as they grow up and succumb to the world.


5/30 May-be

there are days in the time since my children became adults that I have been glad they are out of my house and safely occupied somewhere I presume and I need not worry about them

there are days in the time since my children have become adults that I don’t hear from them for days and though they are surely safely somewhere, I worry

April shorts – 10

Dear Parents of FCCB youth attending confirmation class,

You all have such amazing children.  I am so grateful to be sharing these few precious hours with them, listening to them, watching them with each other, laughing at some of the silly things they say and being touched to the core by the depth of their personal reflection.

Being with them has me remembering my own kids and wishing I could go back in time again to these awkward middle school years and just be with them again as a fully present parent.

I thank you for letting me experience this time with your kids instead and I want you to know I think you are amazing parents too.