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Exploring with a camera lens in hand is a creative outlet for me.  With my camera cupped in my hand I look around more and bend over to see what is on the ground or to view the world from a different angle.  Because I am seeking to see, I usually come upon unexpected finds.


On my last walk on a beach in February, I stuck close to the driftwood at the top tideline stooping to look through holes and root balls, between logs and into protected cavities. I was intrigued by focusing my lens in and around holes. Little altars of carefully placed rocks on the surface of logs caught my fancy as did the collections of stones, shells and other debris in old knot holes. Two unusual findings were a root ball wrapped around a great stone and a dead blue heron.


Coming home and playing with the photos on my computer is the next step in my creative process.  I am always surprised by the art I can create.







The hour is late – it is only 8:50 – but I live on the west coast so the clock is going to strike and my coach is going to become a pumpkin and I’m already stumbling down the stairs out of my glass slippers…

(for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about – this writing challenge every day is on east coast time so I have to post before midnight New York time!)

I’m going to let this photo speak for me tonight.  I took it out at Semiahmoo, near Birch Bay, Washington, the weekend before last and it is now my screen saver.  I am just loving it right now: