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message – July 9

Message in a bottle for July 9th – “parenting with wisdom and love”

I logged on to think about and create a response to this message about parenting and what do I find in my reader box but a blog post by a young mom in England who is the parent of a spina bifida daughter -she has written all about the things she thought she would never do as a mom – some of which she has held to but much she hasn’t.  Circumstances and reality get in the way of what we imagine for ourselves and our children.

As a parent of grown children and a teacher of preschool children I am and have been witness to all kinds of children. Young parents often ask my advice. The best advice I’ve ever received came from my daughter’s toddler teacher  (28 years ago!):   whatever is your child’s most challenging trait will be a gift when they are grown up,

and my own addition to that advice is this:  the trait  you enjoy  most about them is the one you will need to nurture and keep alive in them as they grow up and succumb to the world.


5/16 May-be

Parenting is hard.  I am thankful one of the little things I get to do in my job is tell a parent they are doing a great job.

Sometimes I really mean it.  Sometimes I’m just saying it.  Either way, a parent needs to hear they are doing important work.

I had a few people who did that for me when I was in the midst of the mess of being a full time parent.  I was so thankful for their belief in me; surely it spilled something good into the work I was trying to do.