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I went looking

The sky was dramatic yesterday
so I went for a walk in one of my favorite places
to look at its beauty above

and everything between and beneath





and yes, Marcia, I did find the nest:IMG_8343

hole (dng)space

I love to explore beaches – especially those where I live because they aren’t wide expanses of sand and surf.  They are rocky, kelp and seaweed strewn stretches rimmed with ancient remnants of our logging history.  What is caught among those ruins captures my interest most often.


Snow Day

Yesterday I sat and watched the SuperBowl and knit.  Great for getting a project done but not so great for my back and bum.  Since I spent my weekend doing weekend things, the phone call telling me we were having a snow day meant free time to do more of what I like to do – photography!

I went out into parts of the neighborhood I don’t often explore and found lots of interesting things to capture in my magic box.






what is in my hold


I put in my hands
what my hands can hold
and then grip tight
and hold with might.

I put in my mind
what my mind can hold
and let my sleep
tend to the deep.

But I put in my heart
more than it can hold
knowing time and grace
will create more space.






playing around with Picasa double exposure..


june 11

Seeing green – Carkeek Park, Seattle







April shorts – 12

I have about 20 photos hanging from little clips on the wall in front of me.  I created this space 2 years ago and intended to change the photos out every so often.  But I haven’t.  I’ve put a few new ones on top of old ones but just can’t seem to totally retire any of them.

Taking photos has become a new way of journaling for me.  The nice thing about posting photos is that I do actually look at them again and again and remember the place and the time and the effort to compose or capture the shot. When I look at them, I reconnect to what I felt at the time too.

My writing journal sits beside me as well.  But I don’t visit the pages over and over again remembering.  Every so often maybe, but not like these photos.


April shorts – 7

the humble fern:
nothing says “home” in quite the same way

1-whidbey break 2016 two

April shorts – 4

missed the sunrise, stayed in bed
waited to have coffee
then walked in the park with hubby instead.


April shorts – 2

driving roads with limited sight distance
listening to top 20 count down
fiery contrails light the sunset sky