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5/20 May-be

A pirate story from last week:

Long John Silver is usually pretty bouncy at breakfast.  He’s so excited to be with his friends – and he’s not much of an eater – and – well, he’s just got to be up on those spindly legs of his!

But there was one morning last week when he sat at the table the entire meal, and we weren’t even serving a favorite of his.  I came up and stood behind him, my hands on his shoulders, and said,”Wow, you are so calm this morning.  Did you do something different when you woke up today?”

“Yes, I did jumping jacks.”

Later that week I had a meeting with LJ’s mom and told her about the incident.

“Naw,” she said.  “I’ve been giving him Benadryl for his allergies.  I was worried about giving it to him because it winds his brother up.”

(well Mrs. LJ, I hate to admit this, but breakfast with your pirate on Benadryl, was kind of nice….)

5/5 May-be

imageconversation with my 5 year old pirate today

You see that bird over there – the crow?
Crows are smart;
he will learn your face.
When you are out walking,
that crow will look down from a tree
and recognize you,
where ever you go..
walking around, walking around,
that crow will see,
and know,
you are you.

Just like me – next year and the next year,
I’ll see you walking around, walking around,
and I’ll know it’s You
and I’ll say “hi!”

caw! caw!

April shorts – 15

Another lesson from my pirate

It was a rough day for my pirate on Thursday.  Not really sure what was in the wind but he was up the mast most of the day, taunting every passing ship seeking to engage in a battle of wits or worse.

And finally worse happened and he was taken aboard the ship of the school principal – and had to sit in the hold for awhile.

By the time he was brought back to his own ship, it was time for some story writing.  As master of the deck log, I was wondering what our lead pirate would have to record for this particular day.

“What do you want to write about today?” I asked.
“About my new chick.”
“What about your chick? Zero? isn’t that his name?”
“We keep the chicks in our shed.  I have to be calm or Mom says his little heart could jump too fast and he could die.””Whoa!  So how do you calm down?”
“Like this..” and he took a big breath.

Thank you mom of my little pirate, you are a genius. bird

peaceness – part 1

imageAbout a month ago, I came upon my Long John Silver student sitting on the floor by the blocks in a classic yoga-like pose.  You know the one, soles of feet together, opened palms on knees, eyes closed.

“What are you doing?” I asked because I was so curious (!) what he would say.

“I’m doing my ‘peaceness’ move,” he answered……calmly I might add.

“Tell me about that, what is a ‘peaceness’ move?”

“It’s what Ninjas do.”

“And why do Ninjas do this?”

“I don’t know, but they do.  It looks like this.”

“Mmm,” I nodded, thinking quickly to myself that I’ve got to capture this and somehow make this a rich discussion because if there’s anyone in my classroom who needs to do the peaceness move often, it’s Long John Silver.  “Hey I want to take a picture of you doing this so I can learn it too.  And so we can teach the others.  And let’s write about it because I want to know what’s going on in your head.”  He and I have had discussions about how I can’t read his forehead like a computer, I need him to tell me what’s going on in there.

So I took a picture, and we drew about it in his journal and I explored a little more about this move.  He still couldn’t really come up with an answer as to why Ninjas do this move so I said, “So let’s talk about Ninjas, they are really active and strong.  If I was a Ninja and I wanted to rest and feel peaceness, I would close my eyes and imagine something happy and peaceful.  What do you think about when you close your eyes and do the peaceness move?”

“A sunny day with a blue sky.”  So that is what he drew above his self portrait of a figure with pretzel legs – little thought bubbles up to a larger yellow circle surrounded by blue.

Later he taught the whole class the “peaceness” move and we talked about imagining a sunny day. I can’t say this student has repeated his move very often, but at least its something I know is in his repertoire and can be reinforced with time and practice.

Lessons from a Pirate


In case you don’t know about my pirates, read this post.

I stand facing Captain M. on the swinging bridge on the playground. With arms grasping the rails on each side, his stance is assertive and he looks me keenly in the eye.

“You must say the password to cross!” he commands.

“You mean like ‘open sesame’ or ‘abra ca dabra’?” I ask. I’ve played guessing games with pirates on the playground before, usually every word I guess seems to spark a new idea for a password in the gleaming eye of the pirate. I never learn the password but I do find out a lot about the pirate.

I’m thinking about how this might play out with Captain M when he says earnestly, “No I mean the real password.”

I realize he actually has a word in mind and isn’t likely to change it but I have no clue where it might have come from.  I’m not very up on the movies and games kids are engaged with these days.

“Ok, could you give me a little hint?” I plead.

“Yes. Listen.” And he leans to whisper in my ear: