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The wine tastes good tonight.  Settling onto the back of my tongue, I taste the intricacy of its flavor as it warms there before I swallow.

Would that I could take each moment of my day like a sip of wine, swirl and enjoy the nuance of each second before swirling it delectably into the belly of time.




The word “idle” has negative connotations.
So I’m not going to say I’m idle.
But the pace of my weekdays is so different now
it is hard not to feel like I’m lollygagging.

First of all,
I used to get up at 5:30 and on the road before 7.
Now (!) oh my goodness, I could sleep for hours past that –
but I don’t.
I still get up early – more like 6:30 now.

leisurely mornings of coffee and kitten time,
stretching, knitting or….! writing.
And instead of packing my breakfast and eating it at work,
I sit….
and eat…..
in silence.

I’ve been leaving the house to arrive at 9,
but I don’t have enough assigned work to keep me busy,
to keep me from feeling that “i” word.

I looked up some synonyms and maybe
I should describe what I feel as “sauntering.”
I’m being given tasks I can do,
and trying to be open and aware to what I will be doing
when the time comes.

I set up my voice mail password and my file drawer.
I was loaned a better computer today
so I messed around learning Google sheets
and creating information about my “caseload.”

It won’t be long before
I’ll  be like the rest of my colleagues,
juggling plates,
wishing for a bit of calm.

But right now,
I’m unaccustomed to so much
stillness. image


The snow week had me contemplating time.  I recently heard someone say that we should see time as a servant, not a master.  It helped to have extra time on hand to contemplate ways I could accomplish that reversal.

One thing I noticed about having “extra” time because of being snowbound, was that I was willing to  spend an occasional quarter-hour on a quick chore without feeling robbed.  If I would just exercise this same incremental approach all the time, perhaps I wouldn’t have to use whole days to catch up.

I consider the early morning hours to be “me time.” Most people sleep in on their days off and I’m sure many of my friends got the call about school being cancelled and rolled over and joyfully went back to dreamland.  But even on my weekends,  I like to wake up at my usual time.  The hours between 5:30 and when the rest of my household wake up, are precious – and if I don’t have to go to work, they are pure gold!

Worried about my body turning to jelly – or more of me turning to jelly – I spent time on extra walks this last week.  I tried to get out at least twice a day beyond just the usual dog-to-the-field-outings.   I put on all my snow gear and trudged around in the neighborhood and woods.  I wasn’t thinking about “pace” or “heart rate” or even length of time or distance.  I just went outside.

These were perhaps the best gifts of extra time, and definitely ways in which time served me well.